Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Beta) - 1 Link


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    Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Beta) - 1 Link

    Post by Shady925 on Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:23 pm

    If you use images to communicate or gather and analyze information, then download a FREE trial of the new Adobe Photoshop CS4 software and experience the power first-hand. Whether you’re simply retouching or optimizing an image or building complex composites or animations, you’ll have the power and precision you need for superior results

    Adobe Photoshop CS4 new features:

    Enhanced masking feature
    Layer Mask Density option allows you to fade away the effect of a layer mask gradually revealing the parts that are hidden.

    Real-time filters with no color depth restrictions
    New Adobe technology called Hydra allows filters to use graphics card power in image processing instead of the CPU. That means all operations will be much faster. Hydra filters support all color depths as well.

    Liquid resize feature
    This new technology called Seam Carving allows you to shrink or enlarge a photo disproportionally without stretching it.

    Enhanced Quick Selection tool
    The Refine Edge dialog now has a new feature to deals much better with complex surfaces such as fur ensuring a more defined line between subject and background.

    Improved Dodge and Burn tools
    Improved algorithm in these tools lets results look less destructive and more natural.

    Polished interface
    Photoshop interface brightness will be adjustable like in Adobe Bridge with buttons and dialog boxes look will be improved.

    Extended and enhanced color profile management.
    Multichannel, Device-Link and Abstract color profiles to be added.

    Other Photoshop CS4 new features and improvements:
    Integration of xRez technology for creating amazing panoramas.
    integration of KnowHow and Kuler into Photoshop.
    Rotatable canvas like in Corel Painter.
    Better HDR support.
    Faster load time. Ad-Photo-shop-CS4.rar.html


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    Re: Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Beta) - 1 Link

    Post by HaviK on Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:10 pm

    Beta Demo? lol you phail im prestige 3!!!!


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